Monday, January 14, 2008

Friends and Poetry

I was taking a course on time management (of all things) and it made me remember I hadn't read poetry in a long time. This is a thing I loved to do, along with writing poetry. My favorite poems to write (with the exception of cheesy love poems for my SO) were poems inspired by works of art. What amused me the most about that was the one people didn't like was based on the idea of someone losing their sight. I am visually impaired, legally blind, and have very little sight left, so I found that highly amusing. When I wrote the poem, I had previously had an instance of going blind and was visually impaired. People said I had "no idea" of what blind and visually impaired people must be going through. Whatever... So, I have started a section to link to other people's poetry that I like and I am definitely open to people sending in ones they like.

I also had a response from a potential new friend to whom I wrote back. We'll see how it goes. I really liked some of the things she had to say on her profile. My own is not as good as hers. She has clearly put some time and love into it.

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