Monday, February 11, 2008

Pain Management, Meditation and Yoga

I'm all signed up at Kaiser now and have my first appointment later this month. I am kind of apprehensive about it, doctors have not been my friend. However, many of the interactions my friends have had with Kasier have been positive, so I am crossing my fingers.

On their site, they have a section for pain management. I went through the questions and am now busy forming all these logs they want. It's funny, when I have had logs in the past, doctors said I was "overly consumed" to the issue. They have two videos, one on deep breathing and one on progressive relaxation. I figure I'll do those as much as I can.

I grabbed several online meditations that have videos or audio components. I figure that way I can say - see I'm doing "real" ones and not ones I just made up, though I'll undoubtedly keep doing the ones I have been doing for years anyway.

I listed like 10 yoga postures and 10 stretching postures too. One cool thing on the Kaiser site was that they have a bunch of videos demonstrating stretching poses. That's a pretty helpful little feature.

Anyway, just thought I would ramble...

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